Fiction Thursday

Unreleased: Part 2

Natalia and Lorelai sat side by side in the nearly empty restaurant. Zavino was in the heart of the university city section of Philadelphia and was known for their bar, local wine, and gourmet pizza.  On the weekends the place transforms into a lively scene filled with locals and university students. Live music can be heard echoing into the city streets as hundreds of conversations compete with the music, their stories dying to be heard. On this Tuesday evening, however, Natalia and Lorelai welcomed the quietness. The roommates had been so busy the past few months that they had not had much time to catch up. The waitress brought over their drinks, two glasses of the house Zinfandel, and smiled. “You ladies ready to order?” she said. “Two calamari salads, please.” Lorelai said, handing the waitress the menus. The two friends have been ordering the same dish since they stumbled across the restaurant three years ago as freshman at the University. The seniors have been inseparable ever since. Natalia took a sip of her wine and sighed. “Bummer about today, Nat,” Lorelai said placing a hand on Natalia’s shoulder. Lorelai was a nursing student whose compassion and gentleness oozed in everything she did both at work and in life. She wore a red top that complimented her porcelain skin and rosy cheeks. Her long dirty blonde hair brushed against her defined shoulders, toned from years of softball. She was naturally beautiful in the girl next door sort of way. “Don’t you think it is time to let it go?” she continued with a hint of concern. “There are so many other ways to spend your day off, ya know, besides the library.” Her tone changed from concern to flirtatious and Natalia knew where the conversation was headed. “Johnathan has been asking about you,” she continued. Natalia shook her head laughing. Johnathan was Lorelai’s boyfriend, Tom’s, best friend. The two of them have been trying to play matchmaker for the past 3 months despite Natalia’s disinterest. Tom and Johnathan were residents at the hospital where Lorelai does clinical rotations at and, while very handsome, the two had this sense of entitlement and cockiness about them that turned Natalia off immediately. “I don’t have time to date,” Natalia said dismissing the hints. Natalia, unlike her roommate, had to work almost full-time hours while attending school. She was a journalism major who filled her schedule up with extracurricular activities such as writing for the school newspaper. “It’s not like I spend every day at the library, just Tuesday mornings. I know you don’t understand but it’s more than just a book. There is just somethi-.” Their conversation was interrupted by the waitress bringing their plates and topping off their wine glasses. “Thank you,” Natalia said shifting in her seat and smiling at the waitress. “If there was only a way for me to be able to find out who the last person to check out the book was,” Natalia said taking a bite of her salad. “Can’t you just ask?” Lorelai asked perplexed. “It’s against library policies to give up personal information like that,” Nat replied. Lorelai laughed; her rosy cheeks even more pink now from her second glass of wine. She knew all about privacy in the medical field, but at a library? Seemed ridiculous to her. Just then she slammed her hand on the table startling Natalia. “I’ve got it, Nat!” she yelled. “I can’t believe I never thought of it, but I think I can help you get this information.” Natalia looked at her friend curiously and suspiciously. “Franky works at the library Saturday mornings, right? I will come with you this weekend and distract him while you sneak on the computer.” Franky was Natalia’s friend at the university and a fellow journalism major. For the first few years he and Natalia would spend almost every day together studying. Well Natalia would study while he would be eyeing up Lorelai. He has had a crush on Lorelai from the moment he saw her and Lorelai found his nervousness around her quite charming. He was never able to be bold enough to ask her out, however. Natalia smiled. “This just might work,” she said. “I’m sure there are security measures and passwords, but its worth a shot!” The women finished their meals changing their conversations to their future aspirations and latest celebrity gossip, but Natalia couldn’t help but to feel very excited for this weekend. After all this time, maybe she would have a tiny glimpse of an answer.  

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