Welcome, friend! I’m Christina aka The Joyful Ginger. I launched this blog as a way to reach other busy working moms who, like me, are trying to balance family life, work, devotional time, and everything in between. Stay at home mommas don’t leave just yet, this blog is for you too. Finding a quiet time in the midst of the everyday chaos can be fleeting, you are all the real MVP’s! At least at work I can pee in peace. I think one of the wonders of the universe is how dads become invisible to our children when our kiddos need something. My son will walk right past my husband, up a flight of stairs, and into the bathroom for me to open up a snack pack. It’s like every man is given an invisibility cloak as a right of passage into fatherhood. Question, do they come in pink?

If you enjoy devotionals for moms on the go and authentic posts about the real-life struggles we all face then this blog is for you. Sign up for the newsletter for weekly devotionals and find me on social media to say hello! I’m looking forward to going on this journey together with you, sister

 A little about me. I am a wife and mother of a 10-year-old boy with gorgeous blue eyes and a mouth that runs constantly from sunrise to bedtime. Let’s just say I am the undefeated champion of “The Quiet Game” and I wouldn’t change a thing, pass the Advil! I am also a mommy of two angels in heaven. Ed and I have been married for almost 12 years. He is my best friend and an amazing father. He’s also the biggest supporter of all my wild dreams and adventures. I can’t imagine what goes through his head when I excitedly announce my newest passion project, but I am always met with support and ears that listen. At night I am a pediatric nurse who is also a trained birth and bereavement doula. It is my passion to break the stigma of pregnancy and infant loss and help families navigate life after loss. Writing has been a part of who I am since I could hold a pencil. I was writing and self-publishing yarn bound books in my grandmother’s basement at 6 years old. My dream is to write books and be published one day. I’m a huge book nerd who takes advantage of any free time I get to read. (Free time, what’s that?) I also enjoy late night Netflix and Pinterest binges then wondering why I am so tired in the morning. I am a natural redhead who likes to play with different shades depending on my mood.

My motto is that life is both messy and beautiful, we just need to find the moments of joy among the chaos, hurry, and hurt.

For many years that did not seem possible to me, that is until I opened my life up for Jesus to enter. Does that mean everyday is wonderful? No. Does that mean I no longer struggle with anxiety, stress, and past traumas? Absolutely not and I will be real and transparent with you all. However, at the end of the day there is always something to be joyous about and I choose to park my mind there.

My family
Baby Joyful Ginger. I got the eye of the T…..well you get my point.