One of my favorite aspects of writing mostly fiction is the ability to create visually stimulating scenes and captivating characters with my words. I also have the unique ability to erase any character flaws and the opportunity to rewrite their stories. This is something I do quite often. Perhaps it is this perfectionism that has prevented me from finishing a single novel so far. Recently I did this with the novel that I am currently working on and my husband, lovingly, called me out on it. Halfway through the third chapter I decided to change the name of the main character. I didn’t warn my husband of this change prior to giving him the latest piece to read over. “You can’t change his name, He is already Wes” he said glancing up from the computer. I looked over at him expecting to see a smirk across his face, but there was none. I laughed and then realized he was completely serious. “He’s already a Wes you can’t change it. You created him as Wes, his personality is Wes’s personality.” So begrudgingly I changed his name back-and I’m glad that I did. This exchange between my husband and me got me thinking deeply about life.

If we were given the opportunity to rewrite our stories would we do it?

There are many things in my past I wish I could simply hit the backspace button on and type out a whole new ending to those scenes. A teenage pregnancy and death of my baby boy-backspace. The desperate need for other’s approval-backspace. Addiction-backspace. Jealousy-backspace. Hurt-backspace. Every single mistake I have ever made-backspace backspace backspace-DELETE.

I began to think about how I would rewrite those scenes when it dawned on me that I don’t need to. I don’t need to because Jesus has already done it for me.

The day I accepted Jesus into my life he hit the backspace button on the shame and pain that covered me and in turn rewrote my story filled with grace, forgiveness, and love.

Have you ever noticed that most of the notable people from the Bible are ones that could have used a rewrite but their stories remained the same-and would be told throughout history. The thing is it is because of Jesus their messy past became stories we love.

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