I remember vividly when I was 17 and a brand new driver. My friends and I would pile into my white 97’ sunbird with the ceiling lining resting on our heads. The smell of CK One, Bath and Body Works pear lotion, and fresh linen air fresheners filled our noses, creating memories we didn’t know we needed. Music streamed through the crackling speakers and into our souls. On these the nights we would drive with no destination to reach.

There was something so freeing about traveling with no pre determined location to end our journey.

The older we became the more our focus shifted to the destination and less on the journey. This was true not only in our physical travels but our lives as well.

We were made to believe our timelines should all look the same, as if the destinations we were meant to reach would be handed to us in a neatly wrapped package with a shiny bow.

For some this was true. Graduating high school by 17 and college 4-7 years later followed by a house, a wedding, and many children as if life just knew to follow the expected timeline. This was not true for my life, however. I know many can relate when I say that my life was more like the path least traveled. It has been full of hills, valleys, twists, and turns.

During my travels I have sat in anxiety waiting to get to my destination. I was eager to reach the end of my journey. I watched as all of my classmates and friends reached their big breaks. It made me want to drive faster, put the pedal to the metal. Driving faster means missing many things around us though. The world wizzing by our windows.
Then something shifted. An epiphany. What if by focusing all of my time on reaching my destination I am missing out on the joys of the journey? There is so much beauty to be found in the waiting and the road least traveled, so I will sit here a little while longer and soak it all in. One day my big break will come and I will finally reach my goal but until then I will enjoy the ride.

What will you do when you finally REACH the place you have been working towards? I want to hear from you!

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