Busy Culture Meets Pandemic

by Christina Zambrano

We break our plans with such insouciance
Believing we have much more time
Treating invites and surprise guests as a nuisance
When did hospitality become such a crime?

Deep relationships we were made to hold
With whom to mourn with and to rejoice
Yet our time and friendship we withhold
The comfort of solitude becomes our choice

We pack our schedules to avoid the truth
Of the emptiness the busy culture brings
Each slot makes us feel valued and eludes
To the fact that in loneliness we are suffering

If we knew forced solitude would become reality
As we try to flatten out the virus curve
Would we have filled our time much differently?
Precious friendships we would conserve

I miss the mellifluous sound of laughter
Of friends and neighbors gathering around
Never again to be taken for granted after
We reopen from this world wide shutdown

Will our front doors now be open wide?
Will our embraces be more welcoming?
In busyness will we no longer find pride?
Finding peace in the relationships developing.

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