Life Begins With Cancellations.

In light of recent events regarding Covid-19, I wanted to take a moment to encourage you all. I know that at this moment encouragement may be hard to muster with life as we know it changing all around us, and fast. Schools are closing, entertainment and sporting events are cancelled, some church services are cancelled, and the grocery stores are completely wiped out. All you see on tv and social media are updates on the virus. These things trickle down and affect many people with kids, jobs, and even health and wellness.

Many people all over the world are scrambling to find some normalcy among the chaos, but what if our normalcy was never what was intended?

The modern world has many of us living stressed out and burnt out. We are slaves to money, sacrificing relationships and family time. We rely on convenience foods because our schedules are jam packed for ourselves and our kids. It’s not secret that screen time has gotten dangerous for everyone. Maybe it’s time to slow down and put our energy and time into other things.

Here are things that are NOT cancelled:

1.) Community-while it is important now to practice safe distancing this is also a time we can all come together as a community to help one another. Check on the sick and elderly in your town, help with groceries and shopping for those who can’t get out, and offer to help feed the neighborhood kids who relies on free school meals. We live so secluded, but God made us to have relationships.

2.) Home cooked meals. Take time to cook meals from scratch. Learn to make a new dish, or just take time to make an old favorite. Spend the day in the kitchen with your family and make some freezer meals.

3.) Music. Turn the tv off and listen to music. Introduce your kids to the classics, and even the embarrassing favorites of our time.

4.) Get outside! Go for a walk, the park, a bike ride. Make it a habit to let the sun and fresh air kiss your face every single day.

5.) Game night. Break out the board games-nothing causes more family disputes than a good old fashion game of monopoly. 🤣

6.) Read a book.

7.) Read The Word. Pray. Worship. Now more than ever we need Him. Cast all your anxieties onto Him.

*Most importantly stay safe and protect each other.

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