Fiction Thursday

Unreleased: Part 2

Natalia and Lorelai sat side by side in the nearly empty restaurant. Zavino was in the heart of the university city section of Philadelphia and was known for their bar, local wine, and gourmet pizza.  On the weekends the place transforms into a lively scene filled with locals and university students. Live music can be heard echoing into the city streets as hundreds of conversations compete with the music, their stories dying to be heard. On this Tuesday evening, however, Natalia and Lorelai welcomed the quietness. The roommates had been so busy the past few months that they had not had much time to catch up. The waitress brought over their drinks, two glasses of the house Zinfandel, and smiled. “You ladies ready to order?” she said. “Two calamari salads, please.” Lorelai said, handing the waitress the menus. The two friends have been ordering the same dish since they stumbled across the restaurant three years ago as freshman at the University. The seniors have been inseparable ever since. Natalia took a sip of her wine and sighed. “Bummer about today, Nat,” Lorelai said placing a hand on Natalia’s shoulder. Lorelai was a nursing student whose compassion and gentleness oozed in everything she did both at work and in life. She wore a red top that complimented her porcelain skin and rosy cheeks. Her long dirty blonde hair brushed against her defined shoulders, toned from years of softball. She was naturally beautiful in the girl next door sort of way. “Don’t you think it is time to let it go?” she continued with a hint of concern. “There are so many other ways to spend your day off, ya know, besides the library.” Her tone changed from concern to flirtatious and Natalia knew where the conversation was headed. “Johnathan has been asking about you,” she continued. Natalia shook her head laughing. Johnathan was Lorelai’s boyfriend, Tom’s, best friend. The two of them have been trying to play matchmaker for the past 3 months despite Natalia’s disinterest. Tom and Johnathan were residents at the hospital where Lorelai does clinical rotations at and, while very handsome, the two had this sense of entitlement and cockiness about them that turned Natalia off immediately. “I don’t have time to date,” Natalia said dismissing the hints. Natalia, unlike her roommate, had to work almost full-time hours while attending school. She was a journalism major who filled her schedule up with extracurricular activities such as writing for the school newspaper. “It’s not like I spend every day at the library, just Tuesday mornings. I know you don’t understand but it’s more than just a book. There is just somethi-.” Their conversation was interrupted by the waitress bringing their plates and topping off their wine glasses. “Thank you,” Natalia said shifting in her seat and smiling at the waitress. “If there was only a way for me to be able to find out who the last person to check out the book was,” Natalia said taking a bite of her salad. “Can’t you just ask?” Lorelai asked perplexed. “It’s against library policies to give up personal information like that,” Nat replied. Lorelai laughed; her rosy cheeks even more pink now from her second glass of wine. She knew all about privacy in the medical field, but at a library? Seemed ridiculous to her. Just then she slammed her hand on the table startling Natalia. “I’ve got it, Nat!” she yelled. “I can’t believe I never thought of it, but I think I can help you get this information.” Natalia looked at her friend curiously and suspiciously. “Franky works at the library Saturday mornings, right? I will come with you this weekend and distract him while you sneak on the computer.” Franky was Natalia’s friend at the university and a fellow journalism major. For the first few years he and Natalia would spend almost every day together studying. Well Natalia would study while he would be eyeing up Lorelai. He has had a crush on Lorelai from the moment he saw her and Lorelai found his nervousness around her quite charming. He was never able to be bold enough to ask her out, however. Natalia smiled. “This just might work,” she said. “I’m sure there are security measures and passwords, but its worth a shot!” The women finished their meals changing their conversations to their future aspirations and latest celebrity gossip, but Natalia couldn’t help but to feel very excited for this weekend. After all this time, maybe she would have a tiny glimpse of an answer.  

Stay tuned every Thursday for a new chapter! Hope you enjoyed!

On Choosing Joy

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may mature and not lack anything.” James 1:2-4

Many years ago, a desperate and afraid teenager girl was handed a card on the streets of Camden by an elderly woman who stuck out like a sore thumb. The double-sided laminate card resembled one of those bookmarks that sold for 25 cents at the school book fair in elementary school. You know the ones that sat right by the register and were adorned with some sort of animal. For an extra 10 cents you could get one of the 3D lenticular effect ones that move depending on the angle it was held. The thought brought her back for a moment to a time when things that were complicated were interwoven with routine and stability. She looked down at the card in her hand. One side held a bible verse that was quickly dismissed and the other side was neon pink with the words “Choose Joy” written in cursive. “Ha!” she said bitterly as she tossed the card into the street. In that moment she couldn’t think of one thing to be joyful about. Her baby boy was dead, she was homeless, broke, and in a bad state. Anger and resentment started to build up inside her towards the woman who handed her that card. Easy for you to say, she thought.

 She has seen the term “Choose Joy” before. In fact, at one point it was sprawled on her binder written in whiteout. It is one of those mottos thrown in the same category as sayings like, “Follow your heart” and “Live, Laugh, Love.”

These words look great on mugs but do they hold any real meaning?

There is a big difference between happiness and joy. Happiness often depends on external factors, in other words happiness happens to us. Even though we may seek it and pursue it, feelings of happiness is not a choice it’s an emotion. God made us with big emotions but his intent was for us to use them as gauges not guides. When we make decisions based on how we feel we can miss so much of what God has planned for us.

The bible warns of this in Jeremiah 17:9 which reads: “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” All of our lives many of us were fed the lie to “follow our hearts” when that very mentality separates us even farther away from our Father.

 If we walked into every situation in life applying the “how does it feel” method instead of God’s truth we are setting ourselves up for failure and to live a life full of inconsistencies. The truth is many days we aren’t going to feel like doing things. We may not feel like working out, spending time with a friend, going to church, serving, or spending time with God. If we live life based on how we feel each day nothing beneficial would be accomplished.   

Our emotions are meant to turn us to God and lucky for us, through Jesus, we were given a better way to lead our lives, through the Holy spirit. Thank the Lord, many years later the scared girl (me) in the story above was given a chance to find out what it meant to “Choose Joy.” When we spend more time with our Father and learn to listen and live spirit led lives wonderful things begin to happen. I’m not saying that it will always be easy or that I will always want to be obedient. Sometimes I drag my feet kicking and screaming like a toddler. But Father knows best and, in the end, it’s always worth it.

Joy is a choice and an attitude of the heart and spirit. James 1:2-4 says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may mature and not lack anything. “

Is it possible to feel joy in difficult times? I believe it is all about shifting your perspective. Gratitude is at the heart of Joy and if you look hard enough there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Waking up every morning in prayer followed by reflection in a gratitude journal is one way to remain Joyful. Philippians 4:13 is one of my favorite verses. “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” The bible refers to Joy as contentment in Christ above all else. It is faith that God will give us strength in hard times and if we give up our worries and burdens to Him that is one less weight, we need to carry for ourselves.

Everlasting Father, I thank You for the breath of life that I am fortunate to have every morning. Remind us to continually rejoice in our salvation and to bring everything to you in prayer. My lips sing praise and I give thanks for all you have done for me, Father. Weeping may last overnight but joy comes in the morning. I praise you for strength to face another day. May I continue to praise your name forever. Amen.

Fiction Thursday

Unreleased: Part 1

Natalia slowly made her way down each aisle of the library that afternoon just as she has once a week for the past fifteen months. Row after row she ran her fingers along the spines of each book tiptoeing so her petite frame didn’t miss a single title on the dusty top shelves. Thousands upon thousands of books were stacked in neat rows in the large historic city library. She loved how the books were arranged side by side so that their insides could not be judged by their covers knowing that each book held its own world of wonders waiting to be visited. Although Natalia was an avid reader, she had her mind set on a specific book, one that she has been waiting to get her hands on for almost a year and a half. The book she was searching for was the fourth and final installment of her favorite series. She stumbled across the first three books a few years ago when she worked part time at a small inner-city bookstore that has since closed down. Two years ago, the fourth book was released but in such limited quantities that it has been impossible for Natalia to find. Countless hours have been spent searching the internet with no such luck. She wasn’t sure what captivated her interest more the story itself or the fact that the author, EJS and the books had no online footprint whatsoever. In this day in age that was almost unheard of even her grandmother had Facebook, liking every single photo of Natalia that was posted and commenting such things like, “It’s chilly you should have a jacket on.” She was surprised to find out the book was listed at the city’s largest library as checked out in which she immediately added herself to the wait list. That was fifteen long months ago as it was never returned. Natalia stopped in once a week to search for the long overdue book hopeful that the perpetrator felt so guilty about having kept the book for so long that they slipped it back onto a shelf without checking it in. Her roommate, Lorelai, would often tease her as she walked out the door on Tuesdays to head to the library. “You know there are like a billion other books out there, Nat. Let’s do something fun and get lunch or better yet day drinks!” Lorelai was Natalia’s best friend and always looking for a chance to celebrate life. After years of being captivated by the story and invested in the characters she couldn’t give up just yet.  

As she made her way down the coveted book’s assigned aisle her heart began to quicken with the possibility that today could be the day she finds it. Her mind wandered off imagining the many possibilities the book held for the loved character’s fate. The dystopian series follows a young woman named Lois determined to uncover the truth of what had happened to the world that once was. Lois was born and raised in a domed city that had everything. With a population of one million people the city was full of possibilities. There was no poverty and everything you could hope for was available to you. As a child she was taught that the world ended at the glass dome, but she always felt like there was more out there. One day she discovers an old globe in her grandfather’s attic and immediately begins to ask questions about what lies beyond the thick glass pane. Her inquiries are immediately shut down and she is told to never speak of this again. Behind her family’s back Lois is able to hack the system and uncover breathtaking pictures on the dark web of what the rest of the world looks like. After months of planning she makes an escape one night only to find miles and miles of emptiness. As she continues to walk on, she is surrounded by only blackness. Lost and alone she passes out from exhaustion and is later awoken up by a handsome man in a desolate city. Surrounded by war and destruction she is determined to uncover the truth even though her life is in danger now by those wanting to keep her quiet. The last book ended leaving the reader in suspense not knowing if Lois was dead or alive and if the handsome man who she was now falling in love with was really on her side or not.

“Good morning, Miss Popchanka.” Natalia’s daydreaming was interrupted by the soft stern voice of the librarian, Ms. Evelyn. Ms. Evelyn stood before Natalia, her brown inquisitive eyes were full of wisdom and playful youth despite the deep lines that adorned the dark skin of her face. “Good morning, Ms. Evelyn,” she said tucking her chin length dirty blonde hair behind her ear. “You know we will call you if the book is returned to us,” Evelyn said matter-of-factly with a hint of concern in her voice. Natalia laughed assuring the woman that she understands and is fine but would still like to continue looking. Shaking her head, the librarian shrugged and began to walk away. “Excuse me, Ms. Evelyn. I don’t suppose you could give me the name of the person who last checked the book out, could you?” she said with a hint of hope in her voice even though she knew what the answer was going to be. The old woman frowned, “Natalia, we have gone over this before. I can’t give that information out. We have tried to reach out many times as well. At this point it is unlikely that the book will be returned.” Much like the character in her favorite book, Natalia wasn’t going to accept no for an answer. She wished Evelyn a nice day and continued making her way up and down each aisle of the library for the next couple of hours before exiting the large mahogany doors that led to the streets of Philadelphia. As she made her way towards her car she texted Lorelai.

Natalia: Dinner tonight at Zavino?

Lorelai: I’m in! I get done class at 4:30. Any luck?

Natalia: Not today.

Lorelai: Bummer. This calls for some wine tonight!

Stay tuned every Thursday for a new chapter. Hope you enjoyed! Welcome to suggestions and opinions.

A Mother’s Worry

I don’t know about you but from the moment those double pink lines appeared on the pregnancy test held in my shaky hands I began to worry. For years I attributed these fears to the death of my firstborn son and a subsequent miscarriage but the more I talked to other moms I realized that I was not alone and that fear was a very common denominator amongst us. The reality of all the worries attached to motherhood is even something seasoned mothers share with the rest of us. I distinctly remember a day where I was walking down the cereal aisle at the grocery store with my growing belly when a well-meaning elderly woman said to me, “Enjoy your peace now because once your baby is here you will never stop worrying. Even when they are an adult.” I smiled and thought little do you know I’m already consumed with worry.  We have all heard this saying, and may even have shared the adage ourselves as if it’s a sign of solidarity amongst one another. Something we can all relate and agree too.

The list of a Mother’s worries is never ending. We worry about miscarrying or eating the right foods during pregnancy.  When we are finally holding our babe in our arms, we are worried about how much they are drinking, if their poops are normal, and if they are urinating enough. We worry about germs, vaccines and pesticides. Once they leave our arms and go to school we worry if they will be safe, will they make friends, will they do well in school, and will they make good choices. I have yet to enter the season of parenting a teenager but I can only imagine it comes with a whole new list of fears.

The word worry comes from an old English term meaning to “strangle or choke” and that is exactly what it does to us. Fear literally chokes us out from experiencing the peace and joy of the present moment.

While it’s something many of us moms admit to struggling with it still feels like a very secluded place to be in. Mama, you are not alone and there is a freedom to be found from this struggle and that is through Jesus. 

““Therefore, I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”” Matthew 6:25-27 

Can any one of you add a single hour to your life by worrying? The answer is no. In fact it does the opposite. Recently at church one of our pastors shared a quote with us that hit home. “Worry is our way of trying to control the future with our minds.” In the end no amount of worrying is going to change the future.  If we allow it to it will fill every nook and cranny of your mind until you can no longer focus on the present.

That’s what the enemy wants. He wants us so preoccupied with future what-ifs that we are distracted from what matters right now. Our spouses, our kids, our jobs, our devotion. He wants us so choked out of fear that it makes actual struggles worse because not only do you carry today’s load but you are carrying tomorrow’s with a thousand other nightmares.

Paul tells us in Philippians to not be afraid but to present our worries and fears to God. He is our counselor. He carries our burdens and gives us rest. We can use anxiety and fear to grow in faith, and God wants us to use this time to trust in Him.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”-Corrie Ten Boom

Is it easy handing over our worries and living in complete trust? Of course not, it’s something we need to pray for and ask for daily. Just know He cares and He listens. 

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

We can choose where we park our minds and I want to park it in a place of Love and truth not fear and unknown. What are some worries you need to hand over to God? Take the time to present your needs to Him now.

Father thank you for adopting me as your child even though I am not worthy. So many times I forget you are with me. Help me put your Word first before my fears. Help me to live in the present and not worry about tomorrow. I know when concerns arise you will provide and guide me through the unknown. Help me to trust you more and worry less. Amen.

*Anxiety disorder is a mental health disorder that often requires professional help. If you are struggling with excessive worry and physical symptoms please seek help and know that your Father will walk with you along that journey.*

A Nurse’s Hands

Not long ago I was out at the mall with my son when we passed by a mall kiosk. I was in kind of hurry so I looked down and tried not to make eye contact. It was clear out of my peripheral vision the woman was trying to get my attention. Before I knew it, she waved to my son. Shoot I’m done for now, I thought. I was right, my sweet boy will say hello and talk to just about anyone. He has been this way all of his life. At 3 years old he proudly yelled in Starbucks after a nice older man held open the trash can lid for him, “See mom! Stranger dangers are NICE!” True story and today was no different. The woman asked my son if he was enjoying his summer and I could see she was holding a bottle of luxury hand lotion. Once he was finished giving her a detailed account of his summer, she quickly made eye contact with me and asked if I was interested in trying the lotion, for free, of course. I felt obligated at this point seeing as her and my son were now besties, so I obliged.  

As she began to massage my hands with the thick cream that smelled of lemon and green tea from the $25 a bottle lotion she held, she made a face. “Your hands are very dry! What do you do for a living?” “I’m a nurse,” I answered. She nodded, “That explains it.”

Often unpolished, dry, and cracked from constant handwashing a nurse’s hands are vital to perform an array of tasks. It is a physical and very hands on trade.  A nurse’s hands hold steady as we inject a vaccine into a squirming toddler with gentleness and accuracy.  Hands that guide our stethoscopes over the hearts of babies and the elderly alike. With these hands we squeeze the bulb of a sphygmomanometer to get a precise blood pressure reading on a patient with a splitting headache.  Our hands pass out lifesaving medications, dress wounds, remove stitches, and apply oxygen masks. Our hands have seen more bodily fluid then one would like to admit. These hands have applied pressure to stop bleeds and held urgent lab reports. Hands that cramp up at the keyboard from the massive amount of documentation required and hands that administer chest compressions 2 inches deep during CPR, desperately trying to save a life.

Anyone who has been to a doctor’s office or hospital has witnessed a nurse performing one or all of these tasks, but our hands can tell you stories far more than what meets the eye.

These same hands that perform lifesaving tasks do much more than you will ever learn in nursing school. You see these hands have held a sick child rocking them to sleep when their parents couldn’t be with them. These hands have held the hands of the dying and embraced mourning family members. These hands have brushed the hair of those who could not do so themselves and patiently fed those who could no longer hold a fork. These hands have held story books and played peek a boo trying to make a child smile.

These hands have held the salty tears from our eyes after particularly hard shifts and have been clasped together tightly as we fall on our knees and cry out in prayer for our patients.

I don’t ever expect to be remembered by my patients but if I am, I hope it is for these things and not the skills that are required of me.

I left the mall that day with a bottle of expensive new hand lotion and a smile on my face. At least I know the next time I hold the hand of a patient I will have the softest hands they will have ever held, or at least that’s what the saleswoman told me.

I would love to hear from you! What are some things you hope to be remembered for by your patients?

Monday Devotional: Encouragement for the Working Mother

Now may the God of peace who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal covenant, equip you with everything good that you may do his will, working in us that which is pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen. Hebrews 13:20-21.

Over the weekend I came across a quote that stopped me in my tracks, or should I say stopped my thumb from swiping up. It was a quote from Annabel Crabb, an Australian journalist, television host, published author, wife, and mother of three. With a resume like hers I think it’s safe to say she understands the burden many of us working moms feel when she stated the following:

“The obligation for working mothers is a very precise one: the feeling that one ought to work as if one did not have children, while raising one’s children as if one did not have a job.”  

Finding the perfect work/life balance can sometimes feel like you are a hamster on a wheel with no end in sight. Get 8 hours of sleep, exercise for 30 minutes a day, work 8 to 16 hour shifts outside the home, cook balanced meals for your family, fold the laundry, drink 8 glasses of water a day, spend time with your children, help at the PTA events, go on date nights with your spouse, and maintain relationships with your friends. Even those of us who are lucky to have spouses that share the load many of us still feel like we are failing in some, if not all, areas of life. If that is you, sweet mama, you are not alone.  

We often exhaust ourselves trying to find the perfect balance. We buy the pretty daily planners and schedule our lives out down to the second then we wonder why, even though we have checked each task off as done for the day, we feel as if we have failed as wives, mothers, and employees.

God never intended us to live life as tasks to be marked as completed.

The truth is no scheduled daily planner or self-help book will help you reach that level of perfection. On our own it’s downright unattainable.

The reason why we feel as if we are coming up short is because we are looking within ourselves for perfection when we should be looking to Jesus.

The writer of Hebrews beautifully explains this in the ending prayer found in Hebrews 13:20-21. God will always equip us to carry out His will. In fact, I don’t believe He calls us without equipping us. He chose you to be the mother of your children and to be where you are in your career right now so have faith that He will give you what you need in each unique moment. Every morning when you wake up and you wonder how you are going to get it all done, I encourage you to invite your Father to walk along side of you. Invite him into every part of your life. Your marriage, your parenting, your work, your health, and even in rest. He is with you every step of the way.

Father I thank you for blessing me with my beautiful children and a career to help provide for my family. I know that you called me to be a mother and to be where I am in my career at this moment. Thank you for equipping me in all of the places you have called me, even though I don’t feel equipped most days. Thank you for giving me grace in my faults and for me to be able to give that same grace to my children and those I work with. Please Jesus help me to be your light and put you first in all I do. Amen.

Pursuing Friendship in the Wake of Rejection

“I gotta go straighten up, I’m having the girls over tonight,” she said as we got off the phone. I sat there with the phone pressed against my ear long after the call had ended. She was having her friends over and I wasn’t invited.

Throughout life, each one of us has experienced exclusion. From classmates chatting excitedly about this weekend’s sleepover to friends planning get-togethers without you to coworkers talking excitedly about last night’s dinner in the break room. This particular conversation on the phone, however, stung more than usual.

The woman on the other end of the call was my childhood best friend.

This day it became apparent that I was not one of “the girls.” As the night went on, her social media profile filled with pictures of the ladies on their fun night together. They were smiling, laughing, and enjoying wonderful fellowship. Each picture was followed with the hashtag #jesusgirls.

Oh, how I wanted so badly to be a part of the #jesusgirls that night. Rejection slithered in like a snake and began feeding me lies. Que the feelings of abandonment and the negative inner monologue that many of us have unfortunately had.

Rejection comes from the Latin word rēicere which literally means “to throw back.”

And that is exactly what it tempts us to do. We can be thrown back into the shadows of despair. We retreated. We stop attending social functions. We cancel plans. We put up walls out of fear of further rejection. That’s exactly what I did. I even convinced myself that I was comfortable in isolation and that I preferred to be home on the couch eating a Ben and Jerry’s and binge-watching Netflix. Fear of rejection kept me in a place of familiarity and isolation.

Retreating from relationships out of fear doesn’t actually help us in the long run though. Trying to do life alone is detrimental. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity and one who falls and has no one to help them up.” This verse emphasizes the benefits of companionship, friendship, and that sharing of life that brings relief from isolation.

It continues in verse 12 which says, “though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

The nerdy nurse inside of me couldn’t help but think of the human heart when reading that verse. The chordae tendineae, commonly known as the heart strings, are a group of elastic/collagen strands in the heart. To prevent the valves in our heart from blowing out under the extremely high blood pressure within the ventricles of the heart, these strands hold and support the valves to remain closed or open while the heart pumps vital blood to our body. Since the force of the blood is so strong one cord would not be sufficient enough to do this job, so there are multiple strings working together, supporting life. Isn’t God amazing?!

Just like the heart, we need people in our lives for support. We need them in the good times and in the bad times. We need them to keep us from blowing out under pressure, much like the strings in our hearts.

It didn’t take long for me to crumble under life’s pressures in my isolation.

I began longing for friendships once again. I cried out to my Father. I immersed myself in His truths and protected myself against the lies. In Christ, I found comfort and healing that I never could have found from another person. God used this season of loneliness to draw me closer in my relationship with Christ. And in that, I found freedom. Freedom from rejection and the chains that come with.

As I realigned my identity in Christ, I once again embraced His love for me. 

From a place of fullness in Christ, God gave me the courage to start branching out again. I started by simply keeping plans that were made with friends. I determined to make my yes a yes and my no a no. I accepted invites to things I normally would never have said yes to. I accepted coffee dates on my only day off of work while my house was a mess. I joined Bible studies as well as began leading one.

None of these things are easy for someone who has dealt with relational rejection. These simple things were difficult and awkward for me internally. I had to fight the lies that told me I was unloved and would never fit in. God has been faithful to me. Throughout this journey, I have met people that I never would have met and formed relationships that would have otherwise never happened if I didn’t say yes.

Once we step out of our comfort zone and pursue relationships from a place of love, things begin to change. 

As we navigate through life we form many different types of relationships. Some of these relationships are lifelong and some are for a season in our life. Each relationship formed in your life needed to happen in order for you to be who you are today. God is using the joys, sorrows, rejection, and acceptance to draw us closer to Him.

Looking back now, I’m grateful for my friend on the other line that day. I will park my mind in a place of sweet memories and gratitude of the journey God has used to grow me closer to Him and to others. I now know that I don’t have to be a #jesusgirl to accepted. I am already Jesus’s girl — and because of that, I will never be alone.

Please share your thoughts with me below!

  • How have you faced relationship rejection?
  • What do you think God wants to teach you in the midst of that rejection?

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